Was für eine fantastische Art und Weise, die Wasserfälle zu erleben! Es war viel besser – und sehr viel nasser – als der Grand Canyon!

International Cranes and Specialized Transport
By Laura Hatton

American tour company, Maid of the Mist, is using a Liebherr fixed cargo crane (FCC) to maintain passenger tour boats at the site of Niagara Falls in New York State, USA.

The tour boats, which can carry up to 600 people, are used to take passengers to the bottom of the Niagara Falls waterfall. The FCC, which has been installed at a new dockside facility, is used to lift the boats out of the water during winter for maintenance and for winter storage. It then lifts the boats back into the water at the start of the spring season. The FCC has a lifting capacity of 200 tons at a radius of 15 meters. Maximum outreach is 24 meters.

The crane forms part of a $32 million renovation project of the dockside at the Niagara Falls site.