The Maid of the Mist offers a wide range of employment opportunities for both students and adults for seasonal and summer positions within our company. Our season generally runs from April or May until the first week of November.

We are looking for seasonal employees that would be available to work full-time hours from April until November. We are also looking for students that would be available to work full-time hours in July and August as well as weekends in the spring and fall.

If you value customer service and are looking for an exciting opportunity to work for a world-class attraction, the Maid of the Mist is the right choice.

Our available positions include:
  • Admissions Cashiers
  • Boat Dock Boarding Team
  • Captain
  • Deckhands
  • Elevator Operators
  • Maintenance/Janitorial
  • Retail Store Cashiers
  • Retail Store Floor Clerks
  • Warehouse Clerks
  • Warehouse Driver/Keyholder

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