Maid of the Mist supports state literacy initiative

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Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy Gerald Keicher and a K-9 Links. (Photo courtest of Saints Peter & Paul School)

Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child’s education. Studies show that children who read at home are better prepared to succeed in formal education. For the second, consecutive year, Saints Peter & Paul School in Williamsville, N.Y., hosted a weeklong program to encourage childhood literacy.

PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) is a statewide literacy incentive program that asks a partner (parent, grandparent, babysitter, older sibling, cousin, friend, etc.) to read with a child for 15 minutes a day. PARP, developed in 1978 by New York State Senator James Donovan, encourages a love of reading in children and cements the necessary bond between the home and school. 

Saints Peter & Paul School brought the program back this year to encourage a lifelong love of reading in its students. The year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story.” On Apr. 12, local heroes read books and answered questions about how reading is important in their work.

Maid of the Mist provided tickets that will be used as incentives for students to continue their reading adventures. 

“The purpose of PARP is to motivate a love of reading and strengthen communication skills between school, community, and home,” said school principal Marc Bandelian. “Saints Peter and Paul School is hosting PARP again this year because of our mission to encourage strong literacy in our curriculum and foster a lifelong passion for reading.”